Child Abuse Argumentative Essay

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Sexual violence or seduction is the use of a child (a boy or a girl) by an adult or another child to meet sexual needs or receive benefits.

Here you can read about our essay writing services: Any kind of child abuse leads to a variety of consequences, but they all share one thing - damage to a child's health or danger to his/her life.

Negative health consequences are the loss or impairment of the function of an organ, the development of the disease, impaired physical and mental development.

Physical abuse means doing physical injury to a child, inflicting various bodily harm that causes damage to a child's health, disturbs his/her development and puts to death.

It includes beatings, torture, shaking in the form of strokes, slapping, burning with hot objects, liquids, lighted cigarettes, bites and using a variety of objects as instruments of cruelty.

In essays about child abuse there are immediate and long-term effects described. Immediate consequences include , damage, as well as vomiting, headache, loss of consciousness, specific to shaken baby syndrome that develops in young children, which are taken by the shoulders and shaken strongly.

In addition to these symptoms in such children globe-threatening hemorrhage appears.

Such children often have "bad habits": thumb sucking, nail biting, rocking, masturbation.

And also the children living in the neglect of their interests and physical and emotional needs, in appearance look different, than children living in normal conditions: they have swollen, "sleepy" eyes, pale face, disheveled hair, negligence in dress, other signs of neglect of hygiene - lice, rashes, bad smell from clothes and body.


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