Chemosynthesis In Bacteria

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The difference between the two is that chemosynthesis uses chemicals instead of light energy like photosynthesis.

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During chemosynthesis, bacteria living on the sea floor or within animals use energy stored in the chemical bonds of hydrogen sulfide and methane to make glucose from water and carbon dioxide (dissolved in sea water).

Chemosynthesis gets its energy from oxidation of inorganic substance, photosynthesis gets its energy from light.

Chemosynthesis could occur just about anywhere there are enough suitable chemicals to oxidize [metabolize], while photosynthesis could occur only when there is sufficient light.

Photosynthesis takes place on land and in shallow water where sunlight can reach seaweeds.

Chemosynthesis is the process by which food (glucose) is made by bacteria using chemicals as the energy source, rather than sunlight.


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