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The Expert Q&A component gives you the opportunity to ask questions to subject-matter experts and Chegg's study community, 24/7.So, when you're studying at those odd hours, you can post a question, and within just a few hours you'll have an answer. Textbook Solutions If you're working through problems in a textbook, Chegg Study can help you get to the answers.This free trial is limited, and any additional time is billed at your current per-minute rate.

They have our official endorsement because both are top-notch solutions to ease your homework and study worries.

Expert Q&A Since not every problem assigned to you will come from a textbook, Chegg Study has you covered with Expert Q&A!

You can get the answer to those frustrating problems, and more, in minutes.

After spending significant time searching for the best study resources, we've finally landed on our favorites, Chegg Study and Chegg Tutors.

Though it helped many students going through exams and tests but it’s too damn expensive for a student’s pocket.

I would recommend you guys to look for alternate sites that offer free textbook solutions for real.HELLO THERE, I was preparing for my internals of operating systems using chegg and i found out that my subscription will end in just 4 days, so i was wondering if any of you guys want answers(any subjects) and don't want to spend bucks on chegg so i will post the answers free of cost for you guys.please follow these steps:- Just copy the link of the chegg questions in the comment section and i'll post the answers ASAP. trackid=1beac0db806d&strackid=6178e024e76f&ii=3 https:// If you really help me here I will be so grateful https:// You can also help any of your friend about telling this so i can help him/her out with any chegg solution for free. trackid=71060c7cae66&strackid=27fb56515b21&ii=1&event=click_submit I need an answer as well, I really hope you're still on this. Chegg Study and Chegg Tutors is a one-stop shop for homework and study help.With three different ways to get assistance (Textbook Solutions, Expert Q&A, Chegg Tutors), you'll always be prepared for class and tests. If you're using Chegg Study and you get stuck, Chegg Tutors can be accessed directly from where you are.Chegg automatically blurs out the answers to questions that previous students have asked.However, on One Class' 24/7 Homework Help, anyone can review the answers to thousands of student questions.They have the odd and even solutions to over 22,000 ISBNs.That means if you are having trouble with a problem or two, Chegg Study will give you step-by-step explanations, so you know exactly how to solve for the right answer.If you are talking about textbook solutions access with regular Chegg study membership, its worth .95 a month. The link given in the answer by Tim is also not working.It covers a lot of courses and also some experts’ answers too. Chegg’s rental books division was its core business in early years but here comes the monthly membership that ensures .95 a month and it’s too easy money from students every month as most of them even don’t know about the renewals.


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