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According to researchers, “the cost of this war was the death of 60 thousands Americans and 2 to 4 million Vietnamese deaths” (Rahman & Marjan 23).

The considerable changes in the development of journalism during the period of Vietnam War led to the changed public perception of the war.

The legacy of the Vietnam War can be assessed by means of the statistical data, which affected the public opinion regarding the war. The most popular journalists and historians were Bernard Fall, Robert Shaplen, John Lewis, George Mc T. They provided severe criticism of the war’s efficiency (Marolda 767).

According to statistical data, “during the war in Vietnam the French lost some 76,000 dead and 65,000 wounded – while their allies lost 19,000 dead and 13,000 wounded, while American forces lost some 58,000 dead and over 300,000 wounded” (Wiest 83). The American movement against the Vietnam War promoted anti-war ideas and encouraged Americans to protest against American involvement in this military conflict.

Our results on conflict patterns also throw light on the phenomena of extremism and moderation.” (p.379) 'Not only is conflict a fact of social life, but conflict has positive virtues and brings out some of the best in men.

' It turns out that these very scientists are no more willing than is the rest of mankind and encourage conflict within any body of men they themselves are responsible for.” (Elias, N., & Dunning, E, 1986)....

(1999) explained “Conflict is seen to be closely connected with the bimodality of the underlying distribution of characteristics.

However, in general, the conflict distribution relationship is nonlinear and surprisingly complex.

As a result, they considered the military conflict as an example of the colonial war, which was fought initially against France, then against the United States as France was backed by the U. The United States took the side of South Vietnam, bringing the war in a different level (Hagopian 73).

Thus, the major causes of the Vietnam War include three causes: The Vietnam War had an enormous impact on the life of Americans, including various spheres of public and private life. Although the United States is considered to be the world’s greatest superpower, there are some negative effects of the U. President’s decision regarding the solutions to the Vietnam conflict.


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