Causes And Effects Of Plastic Surgery Essay

Causes And Effects Of Plastic Surgery Essay-53
While doctors were severely limited due to the fact that they lacked modern medicines as well as today’s technologies, the doctors today have access to some of the latest medical tools and as a result, they have perfected the art of both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.In the process, they have helped countless patients’ lead normal life after their reconstructive surgery.

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Plastic surgery, contrary to popular belief has been in practice over several thousand years; archaeological evidence pointed out that sushrastra practiced rhinoplasty as well as skin grafts around 500 BC.

That in itself is telling for it shows that the fascination with our bodies and our desperate need to fit with the commonly accepted view of beauty is not a new modern phenomenon.

And then there’s the issue of psychological disorders and if that was not enough, you may also have to deal with scarring as well.

You may also suffer from inflammation post the procedure which is why a long post-operative care is advised.

Obesity: Obesity is a global killer and one that kills millions each year; but now with advances in reconstructive surgery, it is now possible to help patients’ combat obesity as well as shed those extra pounds effectively.

You could almost make the claim that they are as good as new but it should be pointed out that plastic surgery is not a cure for obesity and its related issues but helps patients to achieve their goal of shedding those extra pounds.Cosmetic surgery is the improvement of a person’s natural features on a purely aesthetic level with the absence of trauma or physical deformity.The most popular cosmetic surgeries today include the removal of blemishes with a lasers, breast augmentation, The reasons why people get plastic surgery are sometimes deep and sometimes shallow, but in the end people are people regardless of the choices that they make.The effects of surgery can at times traumatize the patient both physically and psychologically.One of the most common risks of plastic surgery is scarring. Infections, hematomas, and bleeding are all possible after surgery.Moreover, the postoperative care with weeks of enforced rest will cost you as well.Health issues: Plastic surgery does not come without its own side effects; some of the side effects that you are likely to encounter happens to be blood clots, organ rejection which incidentally happens quite often.These are some of the positive and negative effects of plastic surgery.It is vital that you undertake a complete panel allergy test; this should help the doctors realize whether you have developed sensitivity to any substance so that they can take effective measures to minimize the risk.Before having a cosmetic procedure it is important to know all the facts.Cosmetic surgery being so popular, many people are not aware that there are two types of plastic surgery: Cosmetic plastic surgery and Reconstructive plastic surgery.


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