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Very rarely do entrepreneurs find quick, easy and long-lasting solutions to business problems.Most problems are complex and must be analyzed from a number of perspectives before solutions can be generated.No searching for how to email, call, live chat, see FAQS, schedule a meeting or other ways all through the site.

Even when you start to think something’s wrong, you still might not know what the real problem is.

Some problems are actually symptoms of other more complex problems. In a continuation of the example above: With a clear understanding of the nature and extent of the problem, you can move on to Business Problem Solving Step 2: Consider Your Options.

There is an older common sales training acronym often used to remind a sales or marketing person that the customer on some level is always thinking WIFM, When the need or want of a customer has been identified and your company can easily and effectively communicate how you solve it, the likelihood of moving the vi So what problem or challenge does Bird Seed solve?

Visitors come to your website and leave without becoming customers or taking the next step you want them to take.

Ultimately, it’s that passion for solving my own problem that keeps me going through the lowest of the lows, and I know that many other founders feel the same way.

Neil Patel acknowledged this, too, in our interview on the blog: You have to find something you’re passionate about that solves real problems for people.

Try this approach to come up with some potential solutions to act upon: Consider the specific factors that must be addressed in the solution.

By spending some time looking at the problem from an open and objective perspective, you will be able to generate a clearer picture of the factors that need to be addressed in the solution. In the left column, list all the factors you can think of.

Instead of being bogged down by bells and whistles and technical jargon, the customer is presented with a challenge they are facing and the fact that you solve it. This is usually not stated directly as “What problem do we solve for you?

, but rather through exploratory questions that allow the customer to easily understand the challenge and solution. and then once these are answered: “What does our company’s product do better or different than our competitors to solve the customer’s issues?


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