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How many homes must you sell at your average commission rate to break even by your target goal?In the past six years, the housing market for first-time buyers in the Pacific Northwest has grown an average of 3% annually.

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Did you print your business plan or download it to your computer?

Every agent needs a plan to succeed; a real estate business plan keeps you accountable and on track.

You can pick a short-term reward priority, middle-term, and long-term.

This will ensure you get leads now while also making you work on more longer term lead generation projects.

Can’t see how this real estate business plan template works?

Here’s an example: You can see how I picked 5 things to support each priority.This is a lot different than when you’re 5 years into the business. I highly suggest picking marketing ideas that match where you are in the business. Here are some links to the best articles on real estate marketing and lead gen…They will help you find comprehensive guides to the business marketing plans and business plans around.For example: Real estate SEO is a great tactic for a 5 year old business to put on their business plan. Whether you’re a startup or established business working on your mission and vision statements, these articles should help you: Finally, you’re going to have to start doing different activities during your day if you want to achieve everything you’ve laid out in your real estate business plan.For example, a person who is focusing on capturing 50 web leads for month might have the following 5 strategies for their priority: Here’s a hint: The articles we write at Easy Agent Pro are usually strategy based. Simply go look for 5 Easy Agent Pro articles, and you’ll instantly have 5 strategies to implement to achieve your social media goals.Bonus: If you really want to make progress with this real estate business plan, you’ll want to establish deadlines for everything on your plan.It also helps you track results over time, test lead generation strategies and develop new marketing approaches.Zillow’s Bret Calltharp, a former training leader for a large brokerage group, saw his agents’ business increase by an average of 27% when implementing a business plan for the first time.An optimal business plan for real estate agents includes firm goals, but it’s also fluid — you’ll want to update your real estate business plan as you grow and the market evolves.A real estate business plan allows you to stay current with market trends and ahead of the competition.And you need tools that help you track your progress.These three tools will help you consistently add new activities that help your business generate growth.


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