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Consider this to keep you on track: Voice is the mission statement; tone is the implementation of that mission. So much of the social media experience is about your individual audience and niche.Mail Chimp has created a standalone website simply for its voice and tone. What works for you might not work for me, and you never know until you try (we’ll get to trying in step five).Social networks like Facebook emphasize quality content.

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One of our monthly checks here at Buffer is to visit each of our social media profiles and make sure that our profile photos, cover photos, bio, and profile info are up-to-date and complete. A completed profile shows professionalism, cohesive branding, and a signal to visitors that you’re serious about engaging. For visuals, we aim for consistency and familiarity with the visuals we use on social media.

Our profile photo on Instagram matches our profile photo on Facebook.

Our cover photo on Twitter is similar to our cover on Linked In.

To create these images, you can consult a social media image size chart that will show you the exact breakdown of dimensions for each photo on each network.

If you want to get started on creating social videos, here’s our video marketing guide on creating epic content on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Now that you know what works, you can place these different types of updates into a consistent strategy.

Some things to consider that can help you choose not only to try.

Audience – Where do your potential customers hang out? Time – How much time can you devote to a social network?

Starting at the ground floor and building up, here is our overview of how to create a social media marketing plan from scratch. Start out by pointing yourself in the right direction, then choose the way you’re going to get there, check in regularly to make sure you’re on track, and have some fun along the way.

Step 1: Choose your social networks Step 2: Fill out your profiles completely Step 3: Find your voice and tone Step 4: Pick your posting strategy Step 5: Analyze and test Step 6: Automate and engage Social media is as homogenous from network to network as soda pop is from brand to brand.


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