Business Plan For Pig Farming

Business Plan For Pig Farming-83
Over 20 000 metric tonnes of pork are consumed every month in South Africa.

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The pigs must be given the correct kind and amount of feed at each stage of growth and reproduction.

Correct and adequate feeding ensure efficient reproduction, fast growth of piglets, better feed conversion ratio, and good quality pork after slaughter.

Getting good quality boars and sows plays a pivotal role in producing pigs with high growth potential and good quality pork. A sow can produce as many as 9-11 piglets from 1 pregnancy – and it can get pregnant 2 times per year. Your pig farming budgets should include the costs of purchasing the pigs parent stock.

Feeds always tend to be the biggest cost in animal husbandry and so is the case with piggery farming.

An allowance for adequate spacing to allow free movement of the pigs is essential.

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Feeding and water troughs are the required equipment for a piggery farming business.The piggery farming business requires a gentle sloppy site with well-draining soils (e.g. Pigs require different housing owing to their different needs at various stages of growth and reproduction. Piglets must be closely guarded against hypothermia and hyperthermia (caused by low and high temperatures respectively) – this is central to getting them to grow to their utmost potential.In the construction of pig housing, ensure that the housing protects pigs against adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures, violent winds and incessant rains.All those factors lead to increased profits for your piggery farming business.Don’t use shortcuts in the feeding regime of pigs because at the end of the day they must meet the target slaughter weights for you to be profitable.boars and sows (which are males and females respectively).These are the parents pigs which will mate to produce the piglets (pigs offspring). When buying these it’s important to get them from reputable and professional suppliers. All these proportional variables are what will inform how many boars and sows you’ll purchase in light of your intended scale of production.Pigs are fed with commercial piggery feeds and supplementary feeds/home made feeds.Supplementary feeds for pigs consists mainly of grains eg maize, wheat.The is high demand of pork in South Africa, in excess of 250 000 55% of the pork produced in South Africa is processed into ready-to-eat products, sausages, fillets, chops and bacon.The remaining 45% is for the fresh market where it’s bought for consumption.


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