Bullying School Research Papers

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Most of the parents may have faced bullying in primary school, college, or at work in their present life but it appears incomprehensible for a child to be facing the same or orchestrating the same.

The critical aspect that needs to be assessed is what are the main contributors of bullying and the role of the community in stopping this behaviour permanently in the present society.

Recommendations 3.2 Conclusion References It is disheartening and heartbreaking for every parent when they see fear in their child as a result of bullying.

It hampers learning and development robbing the child self-esteem and confidence to face others and develop as an individual.

Bronfenbrenner model supports Vygostky’s model in noting that the individual behaviours are informed by the socio-ecological models that are present within a specific setting.

These are mainly developed through the individual traits that are identified in the social, political, economic and the environmental attributes that are divided into different ecological models.

An analysis of bullying and the contributing factors will further highlight the importance of developing proper controls to ensure that the critical changes have been implemented.

Bullying is defined as the intentional use of force, threat, intimidation, aggressive behaviour against others to dominate and control them (Allison et al, 2014).

One of the theories that are used to explain this behaviour is Skinner behaviourist theory that notes behaviour to be influenced by the form of reinforcement.

Skinner noted that the reward or punishment was the main attributes that led to formation of behaviour and the cognitive attributes were not critical in formation of character or behaviour.


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