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Lastly, cover letters are also a chance to demonstrate the communication skills necessary to most jobs. To ensure it will be effective, bring your cover letter to our drop-in hours or schedule an appointment with a counselor to have it reviewed.

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Even if the cover letter is optional, this is a great chance to pitch to the company.

An effective cover letter should be directed towards a specific position or company and describe examples from your experience that show off skills the employer needs.

If you’re looking for some work experience, you can also use this guide to write a work experience cover letter.

It’s better than Jamie Oliver’s All Purpose Three-in-one peeler, which peels all manner of vegetables. You should also check out our blog: Placement & Work Experience CV. The CV guide offers simple steps to help you craft your CV for placement applications.

A company might be hiring placement students in a number of different departments.

Be specific, to make sure you are being considered for the right role.Try not to simply repeat your resume in paragraph form, but to complement your resume by offering a little more detail about key experiences.You want to convince the reader that your interest in the job and company are genuine and specific.I have been reading about IBM’s most recent project, which aimed to improve customer experience across the buyer journey.It links closely to a project I completed in the first year of my Marketing degree, which centred around optimising user experience for online retail.It should outline who you are and explain why you are interested in the placement.The aim of your covering letter is to persuade an employer to read your CV, (over the fifty others they received), and eventually invite you for an interview.Writing a placement cover letter can be tricky, but necessary if you want to find a placement with a top employer. It’s messy and the pips go everywhere, but if you’re making a BLT, you don’t have a choice.So we’ve put together a simple six-step guide, with examples, to help you write a perfect work experience cover letter that'll get you noticed on your placement application.Write something like this –I am writing in regards of the vacancy for the marketing placement with IBM, as advertised on Rate My Placement. Let the recruiter know where you found the vacancy for the placement.Employers are always keen to know what channels students use to find jobs.


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