Best Business Plans Examples

Clearly outline who the major competitors are in your industry by market.

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One way to ensure a more efficient operation is deciding on the right organizational structure.

For example, if you decide that a functional organizational structure works best for your organization, include it in your business plan.

For example, you may have a much more qualified service repair department than most competitors.

Highlight details about your executive and management team in your business plan.

Compare your strengths and weaknesses to these competitors.

Identify the advantages you have over each competitor and plan how you will exploit those advantages.

A good business plan will also include details about a company's operations.

Your business will operate much more efficiently if you know how various departments and production will be run.

For example, if you are in the RV (recreational vehicle) industry, define which types of vehicles you offer and their prices.

Indicate whether you will offer premium-priced vehicles or discounted and slightly used vehicles.


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