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This paper examines the cultural portrayals from the film and its characters, and the basis of the film in both established literature and real history., is forced to leave his country after some indiscretions.Some similarities are they both have the same characters. the people celebrate the decease of Grendel with imbibing. and Beowulf kills both Grendel and his female parent. The movie’s positions of these are Hrothgar is Grendel’s male parent and Beowulf’s male parent is Bale.

He is exiled, becoming an ambassador to Northern Europe, and after being harried by Tartar bandits ends up finding an encampment of Northmen.

He and his companion see the culture of the Northmen, and the often wild differences between Arabic and Northmen cultures.

Beowulf battles Grendel in the basemen ( H2O keep ) and battles Grendel’s female parent in the dining hall. Even though the book and film have different and similar things go oning in their secret plans. He takes attention of the people even though they are unworthy to be protected.

The palace ends up being burned down and everyone dies except for the king’s girl and Beowulf. He defeats the scoundrel and good victory over immorality.

One of the Northmen, Herger, is able to understand Latin, and explains the events around them to Ibn Fahdlan.

The story leaves , when Ibn Fahdlan is chosen as the thirteenth warrior for a mission to save a kingdom further north from monsters.

Beowulf you will ne’er be forgotten and will ever be loved.

, the Northmen’s much-feared serpent of fire is seen in the distance, working its way around the mountain towards them.

As the Northmen woke up, their morning ritual was to wash in a common bowl that a woman brought around to all the men.

This clearly offended Ibn Fahdlan and his companion, as Muslims must be physically clean, washing with clean water directly, as the real Ibn Fadlan remarked at how disgusting the Rus, or Vikings, were: Every day, without fail, they wash their faces and heads in the filthiest and most foul water possible.


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