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Each of the rights and interests contained in the is a separate and divisible right conferred on the copyright holder.

Each separate and divisible right can be sold or “assigned” or transferred to another and under a written assignment agreement which then makes that person is the new copyright owner as to that specific full or limited transfer of rights.

Determining copyright ownership means going back to the very origins of the creation or work and tracing all the facts concerning copyright ownership going forward to the present in a “chain of title” search that is similar a real estate title search used to validate land ownership.

If the copyright has never been assigned or licensed or if a previous licensing agreement has expired then the copyright owner is free to assign or license his rights in his work.

A copyright assignment is the transfer of one’s ownership of a copyrighted work to another person or entity.

The prior owner (assignor) gives up all rights to the work to the new owner (assignee).Unscrupulous employers can intentionally add in assignment of copyright clauses that unjustly benefit the employer and improperly claim copyright assignment and other rights which they have not paid for and are not legally entitled to claim.If you have questions about your copyright interests or rights, even if under a work-for-hire agreement, it is always worth the few minutes it might take to discuss the situation with an IP lawyer.The grant of permission for others to use this work is the responsibility of the copyright holder. AIAA provides the option for Government authors to declare their submissions to be works of the U. When a work of a Government employee does not fall within the purview of his or her official duties, the employee’s use of Governmental time, material, or facilities will not, in and of itself, make the work a Government work.Government employees and some contractors should be aware that a work prepared by an officer or employee of the U. Government as part of that person’s official duties is not subject to copyright protection under U. AIAA cannot advise authors on whether their work is within or outside the scope of their official duties, nor can AIAA advise coauthors with different employers how to determine copyright ownership and appropriate transfer or license.Although AIAA prefers to own copyright, there are circumstances where an author or an employer wishes to retain copyright of the work.In such cases, AIAA requires a license to publish the work and to use it for all of AIAA’s current and future print and electronic uses. However, keep in mind that copyright protection is available for a work of a Government employee that is done apart from his or her official duties, and the copyright shall reside in the employee (subject to any transfer made by the employee).See also AIAA’s Self-Archiving and Posting Policy, which addresses posting papers on private websites and in institutional repositories.Options for copyright transfer or licensing of content are made available to authors during the submission process.Drafting and Recording of Copyright Assignment Legal fees: 0 flat fee Filing fees and other costs: 5 to record a document transferring a copyright if the work has only 1 title.Additional if the work has multiple titles, up to 11 total.


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