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Furthermore, the cultural norms of nurturing, expression of parental affection and disciplinary measures adopted in the family may vary dramatically depending on the characteristics of a social group.It is generally considered that the western societies tend to be stricter towards the first-born children to make them achieve success in life and become more conformist.Some of the states have certain restrictions based on one’s gender, race or ethnic identity.

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Mass media generally covers a vast range of communication methods, means of entertainment and information transmission.All these aspects determine the kind of social interactions that make us feel comfortable.All of the above-mentioned dispositions are acquired by a person through the interaction with his/her family.This is the first and foremost social agent that has a great impact on one’s personality.The family union may be of different size and structure, while the influence of family on the formation of one’s self is not always universal.Let us discuss the value of education, which is another important agent of socialization.Schools represent a collective environment in which children occupy different social positions and belong to different social groups.They also belong to different ethnic and racial groups.In the early years of life, the social position of an individual directly affects the formation of personality.Girls are often not allowed to behave in the boyish manner, so that they are often reprimanded by their teachers.On the other hand, boys are not allowed to act like girls, and often meet strict instructions from the school authorities.


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