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MTUCI - your certification center in Russia

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) is one of the most important Russian study and research centers, alma mater of highly qualified experts in the field of telecommunication, information science, radio engineering and economics.

Since 1995 the Test Center for Digital Data Transmission Systems (MTUCI Certification Center) has been operating as an integral part of MTUCI R&D Department. The Center is accredited by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Russian Federation and GOSSTANDART (government standardization agency) in the Technical regulations of the Customs Union.

MTUCI Certification Center is a one-stop provider of certification services operating in strict compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Communication of the Russian Federation. We offer:
Certification testing of a wide range of equipment
Inspection control and supervision
Production quality audit and recertification (ISO-9000)
Frequency licenses for radio equipment certification
Field tests on the testing grounds of MTUCI and local operator ZAO "Svyazcontactinform"
Technical regulations of the Customs Union

MTUCI Certification Center hosts an accredited Quality Systems Laboratory. It employs expert personnel who perform on-site industrial quality systems audit.

Our scope of accreditation:
Digital transmission systems: PDH, SDH, SONET, ATM, ISDN, xDSL, DWDM
Routers, switches, multiplexers, VOIP, servers, access servers, firewalls, network management systems, modems, fax modems, facsimile equipment
Office and industrial telephone systems, PBX
Radio-relay (microwave) systems and equipment: long-haul, urban/short-haul, PDH/SDH
Wireless LANs, Bluetooth, radio-modems, LMDS, MMDS
Mobile communication systems and terminals: AMPS/DAMPS, NMT, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, DECT, IMT-2000 (3G)
Radio systems: trunking, paging, broadband wireless access systems, wireless local loops (WLL)
Satellite equipment: satellite terminals and systems, satellite mobile earth stations and communication systems
TV and Radio: satellite TV and radio, cellular television, TV and radio cable networks
MTUCI Certification Center is uniquely positioned to bring the best quality to the market and satisfy any demand related to certification of communication equipment - we rely on our experienced team of experts who use most up-to-date measuring and testing devices to meet the client's requirements and expectations.